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    Care & USE

    It’s true that our products are unbreakable, but to keep symGLASS products looking their best, please follow these safe handling measures:

    Cleaning: Avoid using steel wool or other abrasive sponges when washing

    Dishwasher Use: When cleaning symGLASS Home products, we recommend using only the top-rack of the dishwasher, and normal wash cycle settings. Avoid direct contact with, or close proximity to, the heating element, and secure to prevent contact scratches from other dishes.

    Hospitality Customers: pubWARE products are not safe for home dishwashers, but they will endure commercial dishwashers using normal machine settings. Extended cycles (four minutes or longer) or extremely high temperatures (above 190 degrees Fahrenheit) are not recommended.

    Outdoor Use: If you are enjoying symGLASS products outdoors, be careful not to transfer any sunscreen to the glasses as it may cause surface clouding or discoloration. If using sunscreen, wash hands prior to handling your symGLASS products.

    CAUTION: Sunscreen, Citrus, and other Essential Oils can cause surface clouding or discoloration of your glasses. To avoid issues, wash or rinse your glasses thoroughly after each use.

    Note: If dishwasher, citrus, or sunscreen use causes residue or haze, try hand-washing with mild soapy water or a gentle detergent. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals.


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